This Week in my Newsfeed: Johnny | Passion Digital

This Week in my Newsfeed: Johnny | Passion Digital

Johnny 16 - This Week in my Newsfeed: Johnny | Passion Digital

What has Johnny – our Senior PPC Govt – been retweeting, watching and sharing memes about this week? 



This week, as in the eight that preceded it, my social feeds acquire been dominated by COVID-19 recordsdata and belief. Everyone has been throwing their two cents in on memoir of… neatly, what else is there to carry out honest straight away?





Irrespective of the interminable deluge of coronavirus snarl, I for trudge acquire been buoyed by just a few of the numbers now we acquire seen no longer too prolonged ago following the each day authorities briefings. As any individual who works in PPC and enjoys interpreting stats, I do know that a graph trending downwards to the ideal is no longer one thing that in total conjures up unparalleled hope. On the opposite hand, the persevered decline in other folks being infected is one thing which diagram, finally, much less lives will seemingly be at possibility, for which I’m very thankful.


Though the coronavirus can no longer be misplaced sight of, there acquire additionally been just a few diversified, lighter issues in my newsfeed that acquire particularly caught my inspect:


(Set aside) The Reliable Dance

Following Joe Exotic’s conquest of on-put a query to TV, I’ve no longer too prolonged ago turned to a extra familiar celeb for my Gain-repair, as, it looks, has the comfort of the country.


Sure, I’m talking about Michael Jordan in The Reliable Dance, a reward which I by chance continuously called Set aside The Reliable Dance in a present inner engage-up – and the comfort of my department acquire for trudge no longer let me fail to take into accout it.


As any individual who become once six when MJ retired, I for trudge acquire continuously been aware about his prominence – albeit basically thru Home Jam – however the reward has given perception into the greatness of his accomplishments in the NBA and the mindset of an athlete head and shoulders above the comfort. This alongside with Dennis Rodman’s enigmatic existence choices and hairstyles acquire kept me entertained and inspired many a dank meme.




Meggie Foster

I’ve barely stopped laughing at actor and narrate artist Meggie Foster’s (@meggiefoster on Twitter) impersonations of leading authorities officers on TikTok. As I’ll carry out her movies zero justice with an give an explanation for, I’ll shapely level you towards her clip of Emily Thornberyy vs Caroline Flint. It’s Gold! Give her a apply.




PL Return

As a soccer fan, recordsdata of the Premier League returning is one thing that’s been on my radar across social media for a whereas.


Seeing motion from the Bundesliga on Twitter over the weekend has bought me excited however I still can’t factor in English soccer returning in silence in empty stadiums or Mo Salah elbow bumping Sadio Mane after he ratings the aim to raise Liverpool their first Premier League title.


As a Chelsea fan it’s additionally one thing I for trudge acquire mixed emotions about. Salvage I have to glance Premier League soccer return as rapidly as that you just can deem? Sure. Salvage I have to glance Liverpool raise the league? No. That about sums up my thoughts on this.




The Waste

These are my highlights from the past week. I now feel love the fixed neglect of my show cover cover closing dates are justified and I’m no longer shapely a infamous particular person.