The Social Media Skills Pyramid

The Social Media Skills Pyramid

The Social Media Skills Pyramid

1438555213 bpfull - The Social Media Skills Pyramidby Jason Keath on Mar 25, 2020

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What makes every social network varied is the win of deliver material created, how that deliver material is created, and why that deliver material is created.

Shoppers portion a gigantic diversity of deliver material for various reasons on varied social networks. And social media platforms are evolving, which modifications what we portion. Snapchat and TikTok possess been broad drivers of these evolutions.

In a January interview Evan Spiegal, CEO of Snap, used to be asked what he thinks about TikTok. In a refreshingly exact acknowledge, he acknowledged he “loves TikTok” and is a “broad fan.” He went on to notify how he thinks about TikTok as a abilities platform as in contrast with varied social networks.

He thinks about the category of social abilities as three tiers in a pyramid.

  1. Communication – Self-expression, talking to pals and shut contacts, greater frequency. This would be where Snapchat and Messenger sits.
  2. Self-discipline – Showing these who you may maybe also be, that you’re cool, getting likes and comments, lower frequency than dialog. Instagram is the most enchanting example here.
  3. Skills – Making media to entertain varied folks, even lower frequency, greater production. Think TikTok and YouTube.

social media technology pyramid social fresh - The Social Media Skills Pyramid

As you poke up the pyramid, the time and energy the largest to create deliver material goes up and the frequency of deliver material produced goes down accordingly.

It’s easy to ship a straightforward, image, video, or text on Snapchat. It would no longer purchase a total lot of effort. There are few psychological obstacles. It’s much more challenging to learn a TikTok dance or assign within the production time the largest for a extra polished YouTube video.

Spiegal says the attraction of Self-discipline deliver material as extra restricted due to “folks handiest conclude something ‘cool’ once a week or once a month and no longer necessarily on daily foundation.”

Yet another fundamental facet of this pyramid is the ratio of the deliver material creator to the deliver material customers. On the bottom of the pyramid, every person creates and consumes almost equally. As you poke up the pyramid, the capacity target market size increases and the need of folks truly increasing the deliver material decreases.

Skills social platforms are extra of a lean-attend ride for most customers. Whereas Communication social platforms are lean-in. There would possibly be extra discussion, engagement.

I love how this thought fits up with the reasonably most modern type of personified label personalities on Twitter. If Twitter is nearer to the Communication tier than it is Skills, it makes sense that brands who can accomplish the platform extra deepest and conversational are doing correctly.

Study the pyramid to your social media technique. Develop your assumptions of how customers eat your deliver material on every channel match up?

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