The Questions You Ought to Predict Earlier than You Be half of TikTok

The Questions You Ought to Predict Earlier than You Be half of TikTok


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Lauren, as soon as a single-digit handicap golfer, is a digital strategist with intensive social expertise. She has worked with a range of media startups, established non-earnings, expert sports activities leagues (including seven seasons with the PGA TOUR), teams, athletes, and predominant producers. An skilled industry and game event planner, Lauren additionally leads workshops and speaks nationwide for associations, conferences and company teams. Lauren is a mother of three #TinyTeagues and the emoji queen. If you happen to’d esteem options for essentially the most intriguing emoji to exercise, she knows it.

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The Questions You Need to Ask Before You Join TikTok 1024x512 - The Questions You Ought to Predict Earlier than You Be half of TikTok

Point to: This submit is in accordance with a webinar hosted by Jay Baer with our guests from Talk over with California and ICUC Social. You would gape it on-seek recordsdata from, too. 

Maybe you’ve been attempting ahead to TikTok to proceed out and speed its route because the next “it” app. You anticipated it to head the vogue of Vine, Meerkat, and its predecessor, Being cautious of “the next enormous component” is understandable for social media marketers who possible are already tapped with articulate material solutions for Fb Lives, tweet threads, Tales, and Snaps–nevertheless that it is possible you’ll are attempting to be half of TikTok now since isn’t going anywhere anytime quickly. Here’s why: 

TikTok is Now the Most Downloaded App

Since its launch in 2018, TikTok has continuously ranked one of essentially the most downloaded apps worldwide. In 2020, TikTok in the smash surpassed Fb as essentially the most downloaded app worldwide and in the US. Whereas it has a reputation for being a “Gen Z” condo, now 53% of TikTok users in America are 30 years or older, which has similarities to how Twitter’s users align.  

It’s not proper the popularity of the app that is unparalleled. TikTok users use more time on the platform every month than Fb users assemble on Fb. For TikTok’s users, the app is a predominant provide of each recordsdata and leisure. It’s proper as sticky, if not more sticky than Fb is this day. That’s pretty unparalleled. 

Why Users Are Deciding on to Be half of TikTok

TikTok bridges the gap between a social community and a tv community. Serving up very brief video clips in an never-ending walk, TikTok became a more social version of video streaming changing diverse sources of leisure including TV time. 

Users are actively taking part with videos they peer on feeds and the For You Page (FYP), a whopping 92% of users express they rob motion after staring at videos on TikTok. Impressively, a quarter of users steal or be taught products without delay after seeing TikTok videos–and that immediacy is something recent for marketers who’re extinct to the sector of assigning attribution for social articulate material. 

TikTok users salvage commercials on the platform are more consideration-grabbing than diverse social networks and in most cases tend to lift or practice up consequently. 

What Makes TikTok Completely different? 

We can talk over with TikTok as a social media kaleidoscope. 

Whereas it appears, feels, and acts as a social community, the particular person expertise is meaningfully diverse from diverse social channels. The diversities are what accumulate aside TikTok apart, nevertheless these differences additionally pose challenges to social media articulate material creators and ticket marketers who must plot shut an completely diverse plot to fabricate and fabricate video articulate material. 

Brand accounts are permitted on TikTok nevertheless they work in any other case than an particular particular person particular person. The articulate material that is made and published for TikTok used to be completely diverse when it originated than establishing for diverse social networks (till Instagram copied it with Reels). Sexy with fans happens, nevertheless in any other case. Measuring and tracking success on TikTok additionally appears diverse, too. 

Without a doubt one of the biggest differences marketers might per chance per chance aloof rob imprint to is reach. TikTok is in accordance with an algorithm, nevertheless the TikTok algorithm itself is programmed in any other case than creators are historically extinct to. Hiss material is democratized in a mode that Fb, Twitter, and diverse channels maintain by no plot created a probability for. On TikTok, this primarily happens on the FYP. 

For creators, there is a exact probability for hyper-acceleration thanks to the algorithm and the plan in which it permits for viral impressions. Many TikTok users maintain an identical tale of going from a few to thousands of followers actually in a single day or with one video. There are a form of enviornment of interest communities that producers and creators can tap into to begin up growing their presence.  

How to Catch Started on TikTok 

Earlier than you to come to a decision to be half of TikTok, your workforce might per chance per chance aloof resolution these 8 questions: 

1.  Ought to your ticket even be on TikTok?

An increasing number of the resolution is “certain” must you is also procuring for audiences which would be A) more globally pushed, B) not proper Gen-Z, and C) sources for articulate material advent and testing are readily obtainable.  

2.  How will you measure TikTok success?

TikTok views are auto-played and align to a more standard video impression. Completely different key metrics on the TikTok dashboard embody retention, engagement, and followers. Pro tip: the desktop dashboard is a lot richer than on the cell app. 

3.  How powerful time and effort can you opt to TikTok management?

Have in thoughts what time you are going to need gotten to use to fabricate, submit and lift vertical video. Consistency is key for TikTok success, and that essentially is a heavy rob for marketers. This chart shows four stages of articulate material that Talk over with California has planned to embody on their channel, ranked all over a time commitment spectrum.

Screen Shot 2021 10 07 at 11.09.15 AM 1024x583 - The Questions You Ought to Predict Earlier than You Be half of TikTok

4.  What might per chance per chance aloof your articulate material approach be on TikTok?

Boil it all the plan in which down to this — very frigid video visualizations paired with exact audio picks. In consequence of TikTok is one of these decided channel, it fully requires dedicated articulate material. Repurposing Reels or diverse videos isn’t going to play for TikTok audiences. A sturdy articulate material realizing must embody branded hashtags, branded results, leveraging creators, experimentation, and testing. 

5.  How incessantly might per chance per chance aloof you submit on TikTok? 

For creators, posting one to a few times a day on TikTok isn’t proper standard, it is miles anticipated. That rob is perhaps out of range for many producers getting started. It’s alright to ramp up from a few times a week to day-to-day, nevertheless make certain to test how constant posting impacts success metrics. 

6.  What might per chance per chance aloof your community engagement plot be on TikTok?

No matter how incessantly you is also posting, day-to-day engagement is key for staying present with tendencies and taking attend of what’s sizzling–including hashtag challenges, branded results, and viral song sounds. It’s finest to maintain somebody logging in every single day to defend present with what’s going down.  

7.  Ought to you make exercise of paid TikTok commercials?

The first video that pops when the app opens is continuously a subsidized video called the head search for. Subsidized commercials additionally seem by means of the newsfeed. Branded hashtags and branded results are diverse solutions producers can develop reach and engagement. Our recommendation is to compile simply and constant at natural ahead of boosting videos or layering in branded articulate material. 

8.  How incessantly might per chance per chance aloof you revisit your TikTok approach?

Preserve shut to the approach as a ticket channel launches and articulate material ramps up. Know that the channel is additionally evolving as snappily because the communities and creators themselves. Sticking to a quarterly review is a simply cadence to stare at articulate material pillars, micro-influencers, hashtags, and articulate material picks. 

Ready to Be half of TikTok?

No matter must you be half of TikTok and put into effect your branded TikTok approach, give room to experiment and try recent things. Whereas this social community isn’t ticket recent anymore, it certainly is recent and diverse to most social media marketers and creators. Whereas that would be nerve-wracking, it’s additionally pretty thrilling.

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