Social Media Listening for Non-Profits: A How-To E-book : Dispute Marketing Consulting and Social Media Approach

Social Media Listening for Non-Profits: A How-To E-book : Dispute Marketing Consulting and Social Media Approach


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Aleh Barysevich is Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at corporations in the abet of SEO PowerSuite, professional application for plump-cycle SEO campaigns, and Awario, a social media monitoring app. He is a seasoned SEO and social media expert and speaker at predominant industry conferences, including 2018’s SMX London, BrightonSEO and SMX East.

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Social Media Listening for Non Profits - Social Media Listening for Non-Profits: A How-To E-book : Dispute Marketing Consulting and Social Media Approach

For non-profit organizations, every advertising and marketing job on the complete is a considerable ache. Many enjoy diminutive budgets and diminutive teams, however raising awareness regarding the causes and gathering donations takes plenty of work. Getting of us to stare the group and have faith it ample to donate their time or laborious-earned cash additionally takes colossal effort. On this put up, I’ll price how social media listening can encourage with all of that.

The existence of social media is a present to nonprofits. Absolutely, it’s a present to any individual, however in assert to corporations with diminutive budgets. We all know that social media works smartly for nonprofits: 55% of of us who purchase with causes thru social media are inspired to take further motion, adore donating cash (68%), volunteering (53%), donating objects (52%) or attending an occasion (43%). Plus, social media publicity is “free.”

55% of of us that purchase with causes thru social media are inspired to take further motion, adore donating cash (68%), volunteering (53%), donating objects (52%) or attending an occasion (43%). Click on To Tweet

Or now no longer less than it historical to be “free.” With the algorithms evolving, less and no more site traffic is reaching industrial pages that don’t pay for social selling. This means less awareness, fewer donations, and fewer volunteers.

While the majority of nonprofits enjoy dedicated pages on social networks and form some social media advertising and marketing, in the year 2020, here’s now no longer ample. You’ll enjoy to either throw you cash into social selling or get creative.

Social listening is for the ones that desire to get creative. It’s now no longer an evident resolution, and it’s now no longer broadly current amongst nonprofits. Nevertheless it completely can encourage quit many targets that nonprofits frequently enjoy:

  1. Raising awareness of the group and its trigger
  2. Rising donations and participation
  3. Constructing a trusty community
  4. Managing your recognition

So here comes the mountainous demand.

What is social listening?

Social listening is the strategy of discovering mentions of key phrases on social networks, news, blogs, boards, and the come by using a social listening instrument (e.g., Awario, Brandwatch). Social analytics, which frequently follows social listening, is to blame for analyzing this records to come up with the solutions you need.

Keywords will also be anything else, comparable to“Syrian refugees”, “animal rights”, or “Set aside The Teens”.

Questions that one needs solutions to can additionally be very various. In total they’re:

  • How current is our group?
  • Is our group getting more or less current? What does this rely on?
  • Does our group enjoy a superior recognition?
  • How noteworthy form of us discuss our trigger?
  • Is the debate regarding the trigger growing or reducing? What does this rely on?
  • The put aside is the debate happening? Which geographical locations and the put aside on the come by form of us talk regarding the trigger?
  • What else form they remark when they discuss our trigger? (e.g., form “climate substitute” and “recycling” scoot hand in hand in of us’s conversations?)
  • Who can encourage promote the trigger?
  • And many others.

So let’s get to the how-to half and originate with basically the most critical two targets.

Elevate awareness and develop donations/participation

Why form these targets scoot collectively? Since the workflow is the identical for every. First, you sight of us that are already fervent. Then, you’re taking what it is seemingly you’ll perchance from them—either their cash/time or their word. This is how you form it:

1. Uncover who already talks about your group.

First, it be crucial to know who’s already there for you in expose to know what roughly of us to reach out to sooner or later. You hopefully already enjoy the stats for your standard donors and volunteers.

To add to that, in discovering of us on-line who’ve talked about your group and stare at their analytics: what is their demographic? Which locations form they advance from? Which social networks form they use?

While they frequently is the of us that talk and now no longer really enable you to in any stable methodology, they’re still crucial. You simply need of us to spread the word on social media. The word could lastly meet the ones who will present encourage.

Also, the conversations signal that these of us are attracted to the subject — they’d accurate now no longer enjoy ample resources to contribute accurate now. Nevertheless which could substitute, so you better build these of us aside for future focusing on.

2. To find of us that discuss your trigger.

To reach more social media users that could donate or encourage your trigger, you’ve obtained to hunt down of us that are attracted to your trigger. Fortunately, with social listening, here’s accurate as straightforward as discovering mentions of your group: you utilize the identical instrument to hunt down of us that discuss your trigger by monitoring that trigger.

Then, battle thru the records to sight who these of us are the put aside they lallygag around, and reach out to members, telling them about your group and explaining how they’ll encourage. These of us are “sizzling leads” — you admire they’re into the subject — all it be crucial to form is convince them to behave on it. This sounds in discovering it irresistible’s still a difficult job, but it’s noteworthy more uncomplicated than convincing “chilly leads” — of us that are frequently approached on the avenue by non-profit employees.

find instagram influencers - Social Media Listening for Non-Profits: A How-To E-book : Dispute Marketing Consulting and Social Media Approach

Mentions feed for the keyword “animal rights”. Screenshot from Awario.

3. To find influencers and imprint advocates.

In every teams of of us described above, you’ll enjoy influential authors: Twitter, Fb and Instagram users with hundreds of thousands of followers, Reddit anonymous authors, noted bloggers and more. Most social listening tools will display veil you lists of of us with the colossal following: some can enjoy accurate over 5K and a few can enjoy hundreds of thousands of dedicated listeners.

The first community (the ones that talked about your imprint) is a community of your capability imprint advocates. They’ve talked about your group a few times  — they’ll form more of the talking and encourage spread awareness.

Within the second community, you’ll in discovering your social media influencers. They care regarding the trigger, they discuss it, they doubtlessly imply for one other nonprofits. No injure in reaching out to them and asking whether or now no longer they would additionally spread the word about your group.

influencers report - Social Media Listening for Non-Profits: A How-To E-book : Dispute Marketing Consulting and Social Media Approach

Instagram influencers for keyword “animal rights”. Screenshot from Awario.

4. To find relevant journalists and media retail outlets.

Social listening is a wide encourage by methodology of PR because social listening tools in discovering media retail outlets and person journalists who’re already fervent either on your group or on your trigger.

For PR, you’ll want to still simply desire a social media listening instrument that displays news and blogs, slim your search to easiest these resources (due to this truth, moreover for social networks and the leisure of the come by), and create signals for your group’s name, other nonprofits on your niche and your trigger. If you’ve gotten got a listing, it is seemingly you’ll perchance reach out to the sources and journalists that enjoy either already talked about your group or a identical one or that often discuss your trigger.

find journalists - Social Media Listening for Non-Profits: A How-To E-book : Dispute Marketing Consulting and Social Media Approach

Influential Media for the keyword “PETA”.

Create a trusty community

Up to now we’ve talked about discovering various forms of of us on social media that are attracted to your trigger and potentially attracted to taking half and reaching out to them asking to mention your group to their followers, or to donate their time/cash/garments, etc.

While these of us could agree to it as soon as, it would be better in the occasion that they’d contribute assuredly and abet their friends to form the identical. To form that, nonprofits must still form their most attention-grabbing to display veil that they don’t scrutinize the contributors as cashpoints. And here’s all about growing engagement.

First and predominant, clearly, it be crucial to purchase with of us that are already your followers on social media. You’ll enjoy to put up protest, build a query to questions, acknowledge to comments — let your followers know that you simply’re attracted to their emotions and opinions. Ask why they selected to pork up your trigger, what brought them to your group. Ask for his or her reports.

Secondly, be half of the conversations that you simply’ve came across thru social listening. Drawl now no longer as a marketer, however as friend. Social media is a put aside for discussions, for ideas, for enjoyable — no topic how considerable the trigger is.

Ship vegan noods 🍜 #SocialDistancingPickUpLines

— PETA (@peta) March 19, 2020

Asking of us for cash constantly comes second. First comes the engagement.

Succor watch over your recognition

For nonprofits, there’s nothing reasonably as crucial as recognition administration. All success relies on how noteworthy of us have faith the group with their cash. And on the identical time, heaps of nonprofits get accused of doing something contaminated. Their recognition goes up and down, and on occasion, the group isn’t even conscious regarding the causes and the modifications happening.

With social listening, it’s doable to video display the sentiment and the subject issues discussed regarding the group in accurate time. At any time when there’s a spike in negative mentions, a marketer or a social media supervisor will secret agent it, dig into the mentions that enjoy precipitated the spike, and stare what the negativity is about. This gives the group a probability to acknowledge in time, price the direct or solve a direct, and quit the escalating crisis.

Equally, one can react to person negative and effective questions, maintaining an eye fixed on the elements surrounding the nonprofit, and exhibiting appreciation to the ones spreading the superior word about it.

awario social listening - Social Media Listening for Non-Profits: A How-To E-book : Dispute Marketing Consulting and Social Media Approach

Dashboard for the keyword “animal rights”. Screenshot from Awario.

Instruments historical for social listening

There are heaps of social listening tools in the marketplace. I’ve picked three favorable social listening tools that offer discounts for nonprofits.


Awario is a social media listening and analytics instrument that tracks mentions of any given keyword on all predominant social networks, moreover to news, blogs, boards, and the come by. It has a Boolean search probability, so no topic how hard your group’s name is, it is seemingly you’ll perchance still in discovering relevant mentions of it on-line.

The instrument analyzes mentions’ affirm, sentiment, reach, predominant subject issues that surround your key phrases, locations & languages, sources etc. It additionally finds social media influencers and PR opportunities. And it is seemingly you’ll perchance purchase with social media users straight from the app.

Pricing: $29/mo for the Starter knowing, $89/mo for Tremendous, and $299/mo for Endeavor. Saves 2 months with a yearly knowing.

Non-profit bargain: 50% off Tremendous and Endeavor. Apply here.


Mention is a social media and net monitoring instrument. It finds mentions of any key phrases, analyzes them, and could come up with insights into mentions’ affirm, sentiment, locations & languages, surrounding dispositions, etc. Mention additionally has social media administration aspects.

Pricing: Solo is $29/mo, Tremendous is $99/mo, and Endeavor is $450+/mo. All yearly plans build you 2 months.

Non-profit bargain: 20% off yearly subscriptions.


Agorapulse is a social media administration and listening platform. It has publishing and scheduling aspects; enables you to place roles to the members of your physique of workers; reveals dispositions, sentiment, and other insights into your viewers; identifies influencers.

Pricing: Medium is €99/mo, Vast is €199/mo, X-Vast is €299/mo, and Endeavor is €499/mo. Yearly plans build you to 20%.

Non-profit bargain: 25% off month-to-month and 15% off annual subscriptions.


Social media listening is a highly efficient methodology. With its encourage, it is seemingly you’ll perchance in discovering adore-minded of us wherever they’re. You want to let the on-line public perceive how you’re making the field an even bigger put aside. And it is seemingly you’ll perchance inspire of us to form the identical.

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