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  • social media technology pyramid title card 64x36 - Jason Keath on Social Restful

    The Social Media Technology Pyramid

    What makes every social community assorted is the kind of dispute material created, how that dispute material is created, and why that dispute material is created.
    Customers allotment a extensive diversity of dispute material for assorted causes on assorted social…

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    Search for Surprises in Your Instagram Records

    At our 2015 convention, I talked on stage about the extensive shift we were seeing in Instagram turning into the largest social community for producers going ahead. In extensive section, that is soundless actual today.

  • facebook stories double stacked 64x33 - Jason Keath on Social Restful

    Facebook Is Testing Two Rows of Facebook Tales

    Facebook has been very optimistic. They respect tales as the device forward for social media.
    In 2017, Facebook added tales to the end of the app’s home conceal. And each day since then, they’ve worked to assemble…

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    Are “tales” in actuality the device forward for social media?

    Snapchat launched to the sector in 2011 as a unfamiliar sexting chat app.

    Be acutely aware that?

    Then in 2013, Snapchat gifted the sector with tales and altered social media without a extinguish in sight.

    Last quarter Zuckerberg and company reported that Facebook “tales”…

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    Recall A VIP Day out To Social Restful 2019

    Contest is closed. Thank you to all who shared, interacted, and took part. Winners delight in been contacted thru email.

    Congratulations to Betsy Howard for fine the Social Restful 2019 Colossal Prize Stout VIP Prize! (Winners of the…

  • twitter MDAU growth 64x38 - Jason Keath on Social Restful

    The MAU – A Demise Social Media Metric

    MAU, or Month-to-month Energetic Users, has been the foremost metric by which we measure the successfully being and tell of social networks since earlier than MySpace belief Facebook changed into once accurate some faculty fad.

    It’s been the finest…

  • video that converts tips 64x32 - Jason Keath on Social Restful

    15 Guidelines For Rising Video Say That Converts

    Video dispute material is a foremost social pattern in 2019. Your industry must be investing extra in video dispute material marketing if it’s not already.
    Why video? And why now?
    First, web bandwidth sooner or later permits us to stare video from…

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