2021 Social Media Benchmark File: 4 Takeaways for Your Social Refresh

2021 Social Media Benchmark File: 4 Takeaways for Your Social Refresh


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Lauren, once a single-digit handicap golfer, is a digital strategist with extensive social abilities. She has worked with a unfold of media startups, established non-profits, professional sports leagues (including seven seasons with the PGA TOUR), groups, athletes, and indispensable brands. An skilled trade and game event planner, Lauren moreover leads workshops and speaks nationwide for associations, conferences and company groups. Lauren is a mom of three #TinyTeagues and the emoji queen. While you happen to desire ideas for the very best emoji to use, she is conscious of it.

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Purchase a survey into the Persuade & Convert personnel messaging threads and you’ll fetch us sharing all styles of assessment and fresh records. For trail, when the Rival IQ 2021 Social Media Benchmark legend used to be first launched, Corynn shared it with the existing,  “TL;DR–all people wants extra carousels.” 

You would possibly want to presumably cease reading now if that’s all it is probably going you’ll perhaps moreover must refresh your social negate plans. Nonetheless for the leisure of you, I’ve bought a couple of extra strategies. 

The Social Media Benchmark legend is an annual see from Rival IQ, our company within the social negate performance records industry. The 2021 version evaluates thousands of name accounts across 14 industries to position the benchmarks that marketers use to measure social negate performance. 

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Comprise in strategies that many of the records analyzed possess been pulled from 2020/early 2021. Social media platforms are repeatedly transferring their algorithms to retort to fresh negate kinds, abilities, and viewers habits. 

What is offered in any benchmark see shouldn’t be taken as gospel, but it with out a doubt does tell learn how to devise in your 2022 social media negate approach

4 Cues For Your Social Media Strategy Refresh

1. Posting every weekday could moreover be “anticipated” but is no longer mandatory.

Growing enough negate to publish once a weekday on every channel is a conventional expectation of social groups. But as social media engagement charges decline or defend stagnant, brands reply with fewer indispensable feed posts on every channel. 

Rival IQ stumbled on that brands posted on Facebook on reasonable potentially the most per week; but exterior of Media brands sharing 53.5 posts per week (7.5 a day!), the reasonable used to be 5.5 posts weekly. 

We’ll make a selection the exception with the discovering that brands are easiest posting negate on Instagram four times per week. The API that makes records on hand is files feed particular. But do no longer fail to consider that Instagram has 12 varied suggestions within the channel to again up negate or connect with audiences. This records level is a puny misleading because we can’t precisely benchmark Reports, Reels, Highlights, and Guides with the API. 

Twitter used to be the channel that saw potentially the most quantity by brands, practically 3x extra tweets than Instagram files feed posts. Nonetheless Instagram is the determined social media royalty in step with Engagements. Instagram audiences responded with extra than 7x engagements than on Twitter, on fair true one-third of the entire negate. 

High quality Over Amount of Posts Issues Most

No query you’ve heard quality outranks quantity. Right here’s terribly factual for B2B brands that are building negate to support longer consciousness and consideration timelines in their customer’s resolution bolt.  

Heart of attention on creating less social media negate that resonates extra with key audiences. 

Show up within the nooks and crannies of social media channels; level of curiosity on varied negate stores, esteem Reels, Reports, and Reddit threads. Even better, explore participation in suggestions that originate extra 1:1 micro-connections with your viewers. Voice interplay with audiences in areas esteem AMAs, TwitterChats, Audio Rooms, and even DMs can wander a protracted manner with building affinity with viewers people. 

When every thing is severe, nothing stands out. So when there could be in total a chance for various-than-unheard of negate, build it shine.  Elevate frequency around true-time alternatives, esteem events, webinars, launches, within the benefit of-the-scenes. Purchase a cue from Media and Sports actions, which hyper-level of curiosity on wall-to-wall coverage of the prime account or game day. Media and Sports actions groups tweeted extra than the total varied industries blended.

When every thing is severe, nothing stands out. Click To Tweet

2.  Mix Up Teach Forms 

We’ve been announcing “Video Wins Social” for loads of years. While in some cases that will moreover be factual, the social media benchmarking records reveals that in indispensable files feed posts, in actuality photos and carousels now outrank movies for engagement. 

The algorithm could moreover prioritize video negate when it’s on hand, but audiences care less. The reality is that even at this time time, video is silent extra sophisticated for negate groups to safe at scale except it is a long way a core phase of the industry (media, sports, and plenty others). That’s why video seems less continuously as publish kinds across most industries. 

What can B2B brands scheme with out a consistent video workflow? Comprise in strategies that in at this time time’s visually dominated social feeds, carousels and photos build well. Preserve away from posting a straightforward space in textual negate-easiest on Twitter or Facebook, severely when it’s uncomplicated enough to encompass a GIF, image, or infographic. 

Carousel impressions are repeated in a user’s files feed within the event that they don’t employ the first time. On subsequent impressions, Carousels will existing photos two and three. You don’t must defend with the first image in a Carousel. Execute obvious the 2d and third ones are fair true as compelling. 

3.  Identify And Measure What Metrics Matter 

An engagement price is calculated in step with all measurable interactions on a publish. Social networks are diversifying how audiences defend to employ with any publish on their newsfeed–Facebook alone has as much as six emotional reactions alongside with commenting, sharing, and saving posts. Does an Angry response lift extra weight or meaning than a Laugh? How does Love assessment to a Part? 

A better manner to measure engagement is to name what particular reactions are most costly in your stamp. Metrics are esteem pizza toppings–one and all of us has our favorites, so we have a tendency to repeatedly follow these and miss out on the varied alternatives. 

Measure particular, meaningful reactions as a percentage of entire engagements to construct determined you don’t lose sight of engagements that wander the needle. Padding posts to garner extra “Likes” to hit engagement numbers is modest to scheme — but Likes don’t pay the bills (even for Influencers).  

Purchase a Witness at Your Possess. Social Metrics

Rival IQ acknowledged a better manner to measure engagement charges is by the usage of the engagement price per publish metric. Engagement price per publish is the [best] metric because it controls for publish quantity and viewers dimension and helps marketers trace how they’re doing in terms of their opponents. 

Sadly, social network APIs proceed to skinny the records that is publicly on hand, so Rival IQ and others cannot scheme this kind of aggressive reporting at scale. Nonetheless it is probably going you’ll presumably with your agree with native metric reports. 

4.  Knowing Seasonal Teach and Align Hashtags Accordingly

Hashtags possess been all about the holidays on Instagram and Twitter this yr, in negate that indicators brands must sustain with negate that aligns with the seasons. Work ahead by identifying these in your annual and quarterly editorial calendars and planning. Planning in advance manner your personnel is extra healthy positioned to capitalize on seasonal negate by in the end deploying your entire “next yr we can possess to scheme this” strategies that are missed after the reality.

Hashtags that conducted consistently well across all industries included: giveaways, alcohol-related, or these touching on to holidays and present events. One incandescent existing from the social media benchmark legend is that hashtags aren’t equally extinct across social media channels. Utilize assessment and hashtag tools to name the coolest hashtags and the very best arrangement many to use for every social channel. Change these month-to-month or quarterly for perfect attain. 


Originate with benchmarking and examining social negate performance with the Head to Head Social Snapshot, where brands can survey 1:1 performance against the Rival IQ benchmarks. 

Trek extra by winding up a social media audit that identifies the insights to position up strategic decisions for next yr’s social media plans. I built a self-paced, free direction that explains social auditing and insights, on hand to manual you via the usage of social media metrics to audit and assemble social media approach. 

How will you manner social media in any other arrangement in 2022? Tweet me @LaurenTTeague to let me know.

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